A getaway to relax a bit before you’re caught up in the fog that is life with a newborn. Babymoons are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf reports.
Travel agent Daphne Bode booked herself a babymoon over seven years ago. She knew about the phenomenon in the United States, but it wasn’t a thing yet in the Netherlands, she said to the newspaper.
Bode’s pregnancy was complicated, so she couldn’t fly or travel far. “We ended up going to a hotel in Leiden. Close to the hospital,” she said. It wasn’t super luxurious or over the top, but exactly what she and her partner needed.
Since then, influencers have brought the babymoon phenomenon to the attention of Dutch soon-to-be parents. Large companies TUI and D-Reizen are also now responding to the trend.
That’s a wonderful opportunity for local hotels and other accommodations, Bode said to the newspaper. “That’s how you reach a nice new target market,” she said.
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