The search continues Monday for a missing 4-year-old child in Yakima. Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray says officers were called to Sarge Hubbard Park at about 7:30 pm Saturday by the father of the child, who told police he couldn't find his boy identified as Lucian. The father says the family searched "frantically" for Lucian before calling police. Yakima Police spent Saturday night searching before the operation was turned over to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office search and rescue unit which spent Sunday looking in waters around the park. Since then more than 100 people from many different agencies have been looking for Lucian but so far he hasn't been found. More people and equipment are expected Monday.
A candle light vigil was held at Martin Luther King Jr. Park Sunday night in hopes that he will soon be found. Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray has been giving updates on the search on the Yakima Police Department Facebook page. He says even though the search was turned over to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office both agencies are still fully involved in the search. The Yakima Police Department is requesting if the public has any pictures or video from last night at Sarg Hubbard Park between 6:45PM-9:00PM, please provide to YPD at: Any tips please contact 911.
The initial search involved more than 20 officers from the Yakima Police Department plus Troopers from the Washington State Patrol and members of Yakima County Emergency Management. Two drones were being used along Bloodhoud search dogs and a helicopter from the Spokane Police Department in hopes of finding the child.
4 year Lucian was last seen at approx 7:15pm near the play area at Sarge Hubbard Park @yakimagreenway. He was wearing blue shorts and blue shirt with a shark on it.
Yakima's Sarge Hubbard Park is located at 111 S 18th Street. Police are asking people to stay out of the area as the search continues.
If you know anything that could help call the Yakima Sheriff’s Department at 509-574-2500 or call 911 with any information or tips.
Yakima Police are providing updates on the YPD Facebook page.


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