Kalpetta: The coffee beans from Wayanad would hit the market in the Netherlands within three months. An expert team from the Netherlands has said that the Wayanad coffee will be introduced across Europe via 2,000-odd coffee outlets. The team would collaborate with the Brahmagiri Development Society in the district for this.
As the Wayanad coffee has acquired the tag of being grown in a region with low carbon emissions, the Dutch team arrived in the district to study the scientific method of cultivation and to learn about the marketing potential.
The Dutch team visited the Brahmagiri Development Society on Wednesday, as part of an initiative for implementing the concept of ‘Climate Smart Coffee’ across the globe.
The team, that visited the Wayanad coffee manufacturing unit at Brahmagiri in Kaniyambetta, did coffee cupping (coffee tasting).
The team also made enquiries about the procurement and marketing of coffee carried out by the Brahmagiri society as part of the Wayanad package. The team said that there is immense potential for the Wayanad coffee in the European market and would collaborate with the Brahmagiri society for this.
The team also interacted with the coffee farmers and enquired about the scientific methods of farming.
Discussions were also held on agroforestry, maintaining the natural fertility of the soil, climate change, scientific farming practices, export potential, and the government interventions in the agricultural sector.
After Karnataka, Wayanad is the second-largest producer of coffee in the country. In India, the Robusta coffee is produced only in Wayanad. Due to these reasons, the team assessed that the Wayanad coffee has a lot of potential in the international market.
The team included representatives from MVO Nederland (a collective of agri-entrepreneurs), TU Delft Climate Institute, Energy and Sustainability Research Institute, Rabobank of The Netherlands, and the University of Groningen.
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