MELBOURNE — India have asked for their meals to be upgraded at the T20 World Cup after complaining about the “inadequate” offering laid on at the tournament in Australia.
Teams are served hot meals on match days and snacks at the ground on training days and it was reported that India’s players were unhappy with being given cold fruit, falafels and sandwiches after a training session ahead of their match against the Netherlands this week.
“The food that was offered to Team India was not good,” an unnamed Indian official told news agency ANI. “They were just given sandwiches and they have also told ICC that food provided after a practice session in Sydney was cold and not good.”
Another anonymous source with the team told the Press Trust of India: “The problem is that the ICC isn’t providing any hot food after lunch. In a bilateral series, the host association is in charge of catering and they always provide hot Indian meals after a training session. But for ICC, the rule is the same for all countries.
“You can’t just have a cold sandwich, not even grilled, with avocado, tomato and cucumber after two hours of training. That is plain and simple inadequate nourishment.”
i understands that the International Cricket Council has received no official complaints but that India have asked for their non-match-day meals to be “enhanced” so hot food is available.
Teams have the option of doing this before the tournament starts, but India have made their request 10 days into the World Cup. It is understood that request has been granted by the ICC.
India are the richest board in world cricket and are often accused of wielding far too much power with the ICC.
In apparent reference to the incident in Sydney this week, former India batter Virender Sehwag Tweeted: “Gone are the days when one used to think that the Western countries offer so good hospitality. India are way ahead of most western countries when it comes to providing hospitality of the highest standards.”
India have a history of being unhappy with facilities on overseas trips. On their 2018 tour of England, they cut their warm-up match against Essex in Chelmsford from four to three days citing the heat wave at the time.
It turned out that the team had also moved hotels during the game, complaining there had been inadequate air conditioning. The second hotel was also apparently not up to scratch on that front and so India moved their squad to Birmingham early ahead of the first Test at Edgbaston. They went on to lose the series 4-1.
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