I have done my graduation in history and politics. I write unique and interesting articles focused on our day to day life.
The video of a pitbull painting masterpieces has won the hearts of millions on the internet.
Meet Van Gogh, a 7-year-old pitbull that is well-known for his paintings. He is named after the popular Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh, as the pitbull is one-eared like the painter. The pitbull had to get his ear amputated after suffering a severe injury in a dog fighting ring.
Van Gogh was rescued by Happily Furever After Rescue, an organization that fosters animals. The organization has revealed that his ear had to be amputated due to the severe damage caused by being used as a bait dog.
As for how he paints so marvelously, Jaclyn Gartner, the owner of the Happily Furever After Rescue, shared that she slathers large amounts of paint on a canvas and places it in a plastic bag before coating it in peanut butter, one of the pitbull’s favorite treats. She then keeps the canvas in front of Van Gogh so that he can lick it off. While he feasts on the peanut butter, the paint gets smeared around to create a painting.
The canine painter has so far sold 30 paintings for an average price of $40 (3,297) and received a lot of love and appreciation from his audience. Additionally, many videos and photos of Van Gogh painting has gone viral on the internet.
And when he isn’t painting, he is like any other dog. He loves spending time with people, getting all the belly rubs a person would give, going on strolls, and jumping into cars for a drive.

I have done my graduation in history and politics. I write unique and interesting articles focused on our day to day life.
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A goat was born with a deformed human face that appears to have glasses, making it look like a demonic Santa Claus. The malformed goat has been born with a human face, with thick white tufts on its head and chin that Santa Claus would be proud of, and dark circles around its eyes that look similar to glasses.
A time traveler claiming to be from the year 3,000 has disclosed the precise month in which the US Navy will come into contact with aliens. The man has made many predictions on social media sites that have come true and gained millions of views. His latest predictions have made users horrified when he mentioned that three major events will happen in the next few months.
A child claims that he belongs to mars and has been sent to Earth to save people from nuclear annihilation. Boris Kipriyanovich was born on January 11, 1996, in Russia. His mother revealed that she felt no pain while she was giving birth to him. She also claimed that when Boris first saw her, he looked at her with the eyes of an adult. As a doctor, she was aware that a newborn's eyes can’t focus on objects but her child looked at her with big brown eyes.
A new moth has been named after ex-President Donald Trump, owing to its amazing blonde hairdo. The moth, which is native to both California and Mexico, has yellow scales on its tiny head. Additionally, it has a unique intimate area that has never been observed in the same species before.
A man has been found to have the world's longest nose measuring an astonishing 7.5 inches long. Thomas Wedders, commonly known as Thomas Wadhouse, an English Circus Performer, has been recognized for having a 19 centimeters long nose by Guinness World Record. He was considered an elephant man during his time.
A woman is having a hard time as she started crying painful ‘crystal tears’ after going to the dentist. Satenik Kazaryan, a woman in her early twenties, claimed that she cries up to 50 jagged-edged tears every day, causing her immense pain and making her life a ‘living hell’. She shared that it started when she was at the dentist’s and felt dust had gotten into her eyes. But when she consulted an ophthalmologist, a few pieces of crystals were removed from her eyes.
A woman has revealed that she has been abducted by aliens 52 times and showed bruises she sustained to prove the encounters. Paula Smith, a 50-year-old woman, claims that her first extraterrestrial experience occurred when she was just a 6-year-old girl. Since then, she claims to have been abducted at least 50 more times.
A computer from 1973 accurately predicted an apocalypse and showed that the civilization we know might cease to exist by 2050. Professors at MIT University made a strangely precise model to predict how human civilization would be by 2060, and their findings are accurate! The program, which is called ‘World One’, models how long humans can sustain its then growth trajectory.
A mysterious time traveler, who claims to be from 2671, has declared that seven people will fall from the sky in 2023 in areas where no flights were flying. Eno Alaric, a TikToker who posts videos under the username @radianttimetraveller, has claimed that seven people will fall from the sky in June 2023 in places where planes weren’t flying.
It might appear that Christmas has always been celebrated in the US, but this is not the case. The joyful religious holiday was outlawed in America for some decades by Christians.
The ‘world's most dangerous plant’, the Gympie-Gympie, was planted by Daniel Emlyn Jones, an enthusiastic gardener and online tutor from Oxford. Daniel Jones said that he wanted to promote an interest in plants by cultivating unique flora. So he decided to add a Gympie-Gympie plant, which is mostly confined to tropical rainforests of northeastern Australia and Malaysia, in his front room. He also felt having a Gympie-Gympie plant will make his house look more attractive, especially as he cultivates bananas in the front garden. He also has taken special care to confine the wild plant to a particular area by keeping it potted in his front room.
A woman in France grew a nose on her arm to transplant after losing a large portion of her own nose during cancer treatment. A woman from Toulouse, France, underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy in 2013 to treat nasal cavity cancer, during which she had to have a portion of her nose amputated. However, she couldn't develop her nose even after several attempts at reconstruction and prosthetics.
A social media influencer recorded herself hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon. TikTok influencer Katie Sigmund, who has nearly 7 million followers on the social media platform filmed herself drilling a golf ball into the Grand Canyon. Later, she deleted the video.
A woman with the ‘world’s biggest lips’ is planning to undergo more beauty treatments even after her doctor warned her that she could die. Andrea Ivanova who has the world’s biggest lips is on a mission to break another record – to have the world’s most pointed and elongated chin. This 25-year-old has undergone 32 surgeries so far on her pout and spent almost $9000 to look like a Bratz doll.
Meet Narwhal, the cute little puppy, who has an extra tail growing on his forehead. A 10-week-old abandoned puppy with an extra tail growing out of his head has been rescued In Missouri, USA, by Mac's Mission, a nonprofit rescue that focuses on helping animals with special needs. The staff of Mac’s Mission has been informed that there is no medical need to remove the extra tail as it causes him no harm.
A species of arachnids, money spiders, look like they’re ‘raining’ when they use a particular technique to find a suitable area to relocate. Although Australia is known for its droughts, the country receives a lot of rainfall some years. When it pours heavily, the money spiders, which are found in large populations in the country, set out to find other suitable areas to stay a technique.
A baby girl, who was born with a facial deformity that looks like an elephant trunk, was worshipped in Aligarh, an industrial area in India. According to those who have seen the girl, the facial protrusion is between her two eyes and divides her nose into two.
An Asian elephant who was kept under captivity in a concrete pit for 50 years passed away just months after being rescued. Pocha, an Asian Elephant, lived in a concrete pit in an Argentinian zoo for almost 50 years and passed away within six months of her rescue. Her daughter, Guillermina, was also rescued along with her in May 2022 by the Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.
Monkey is just like other cats, except for his ‘vampire fangs’. Monkey, or as his owner, Nicole Rienzie, lovingly calls him Monk, is an adorable black cat that has fangs!. Nicole Rienzie and her mother were driving home when something darted in front of their car. They nearly hit him but could stop in time. When they pulled over, they were greeted by a black kitten.


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