The release of Jimin‘s first ever official project outside of BTS, ‘With You, which was an OST collaboration with Ha Sungwoon, has seen the artist soar to the top of the music industry, making a name for himself and becoming one of the most impactful Korean solo artists presently. Even though it was Jimin’s debut official solo project, the song broke numerous records on various major music platforms both in South Korea and internationally despite being an unpromoted song as well as having a much less tracking period both on its debut day and debut week, proving Jimin’s potential and impact as a soloist.

For example:
The records keep piling up as time goes by, proving the song’s popularity. On October 22, ‘With You’ reached a new milestone on Spotify and set yet another major record even though it has had no promotion since its release. After surpassing 157,453,208 million streams on the platform, it has now become the most streamed Korean OST released in 2022, and it is also the fastest Korean OST to reach this feat, achieving this in just about 6 months!

Presently, the song now stands in 4th position among the most streamed OSTs by Korean acts in the history of Spotify and is in 5th position among the most streamed songs by Korean acts released in 2022 on the platform.

Fans celebrated the new record and praised Jimin’s artistry which has seen him excel on music charts and platforms exceptionally well despite all the charting disadvantages that the song faced on its release.

As fans celebrated his good performance, ‘SPOTIFY KING JIMIN‘ entered Twitter trends, among other trends like Congratulations Jimin.

With the impressive performance of ‘With You’ and all the records it keeps breaking, fans are even more excited about his solo album debut and all the success it will record, especially since it will be promoted this time round.

Congratulations, SPOTIFY KING JIMIN!
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Congratulations Jimin
With You SOTY and BEST OST 🔥🔥

Congratulations Jimin! With You, 2022 Best OST and SOTY 💛


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