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Eban Brown, the former lead singer of The Stylistics is embarking on his UK tour, in his words, this fall.
For those in the know, that means in the autumn, and to be more precise he will be bringing his show Eban Brown’s Stylistics Songbook Tour to the Princess Theatre, Hunstanton on Sunday, October 30.
I face-timed with Mr Brown on a chilled out Sunday in August, it was 5pm in Dersingham and mid day in Newark, New Jersey in the USA.
The weather was about the same, what with the heatwave, about 80 degrees over there and 30 degrees in West Norfolk but it felt the same.
Interestingly, when the singer is not performing he works for the City of Newark police as an armed public safety officer.
He said: “That’s what I do when I’m not performing and any time you put on a uniform and strap on a weapon there is an element of risk.
“In fact my very good friend Herb Fame from Peaches and Herb, a vocal duo, he also joined the police force.”
With a background in gospel singing and a strong faith Mr Brown has a supportive musical family and links singing to spirituality.
He said: “Singing is definitely spiritual, even with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, it is very spiritual.
“It’s a blessing.
“My dad was a musician and my sister sings on my albums Summertime in Tokyo and Determinsm.
“She was the singer in the family and I would play guitar, drums, all the instruments, though I can’t play keyboards.”
In January 2018, Eban announced his departure from The Stylistics as the lead vocalist after 18 years to focus on his career as a solo artist.
On his departure from the group he said: “It feels better to put forth things your own way, integrity, and I’ve been fortunate to put it forth.”
The UK tour starts in September at the Playhouse in Western-super-Mare and though he’s visited the UK before, with a large fan base here, this is a theatre tour and he visits Hunstanton in October.
He said: “This is the first time doing a theatre tour on my own.
“Hunstanton is a beautiful town and fortunately people still want to hear me, I’m blessed.
“I sure do get a buzz from performing live, it’s the greatest non drug-high there is.”
Coming back to Hunstanton, where he has visited before with The Stylistics, the singer is looking forward to something particular in West Norfolk.
He said: “Strangely I love the weather and the fall in the wintertime, it reminds me of the Pink Panther films.”
Speaking of comedy, Mr Brown is a huge fan of comics such as Richard Pryor, Kevin Hart, Peter Sellers and another comedian from the UK.
He said: “I love Benny Hill.
“I’ve gone to see comics like Tracy Morgan and George Carlin but the biggest UK comic for me was Benny Hill.”
With a sterling career in showbiz it is clear that the singer is in a good position to give advice to those who want to entertain.
He said: “My advice to young performers is first and foremost to educate yourself in terms of the business and to have something to fall back on.
“The entertainment business can break your heart.
“James Brown once said to never make a record that your mother can’t listen to.
“Stay true to yourself.
“Every gig is important no matter how big or small.
“I play Butlin’s and social clubs, a gig is a gig.”
When Eban Brown’s Stylistic Songbook Tour reaches Hunstanton, audiences can expect a mix of solo material and songs he sang with the group as lead singer.
He said: “We’re going to be doing some songs such as Sing Baby Sing, Sixteen Bars, the big hits, and some from my original set list with my full live band.”
Visiting the UK will also mean Mr Brown will get to see Big Ben in the capital and he hopes to be catching up with some of his own musical icons.
He said: “I hope to be meeting up with Elton John and Sting and I would like to sit down with Phil Collins who has ill health.
“I love Beverley Knight and I would love to sing one line of a song with Elton John.
“I’d also love to perform on the Jools Holland show, if I ever do, I can die happy.”
And with news of an award nomination recently it may be that the opportunity to meet him will present itself.
Mr Brown is a nominee for best soul artist at the Boisdale Music Awards hosted by Jools Holland on Wednesday, September 28.
Hannah Emberson said: “The Boisdale venues are some of the most iconic in London and the UK and operated by he legendary Jools Holland.
“Eban is very humbled and excited to be nominated for this award and wishes all nominees in their individual categories the best of luck.”
Let’s hope when Eban Brown comes to Hunstanton town, the weather is a blessing.


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