HOLLAND, MI (WHTC-AM/FM, Nov. 10, 2022) – The Holland Aquatic Center (HAC) Foundation has announced its newest campaign that will lay the groundwork for future support to individuals and operations at HAC.
The Brick-by-Brick Campaign, launched in the fall of 2022, seeks to provide financial assistance to eligible Holland residents who wish to take part in HAC’s swim lesson program as well as those applying for membership “scholarships.” The campaign also aims to supplement some of HAC’s operational expenses. 
Over the next two years, engraved bricks will be at the center of this campaign. Donors may purchase a brick, or bricks, for $150 each that will then be engraved with the name or phrase of their choosing. The bricks, approximately 1,800 in total, will be placed in one of four separate seating areas along HAC’s front walkway. In these areas, patrons and guests will also find benches, also for purchase at $3,500, to enjoy the outdoors before or after their use of HAC. 
Each brick donated will help provide solid ground upon which our community’s state-of-the-art facility can continue to empower healthy, connected lives in Holland and beyond.
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