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Number: $200,000. In August 2016, TD Bank pledged this amount to establish the TD Center for Arts Integration in support of the Metropolitan Art Council’s SmartARTS program. This year, TD Bank pledged an additional $200,000 — a testament to SmartARTS’ proven track record of success.
The program’s mission is simple, yet hugely impactful: Connect Greenville County Schools to local artists via standards-based teaching artist residencies in science, math, history + language arts classrooms. To date, SmartARTS has provided training for 200+ professional artists and 600 teachers, and has funded more than 700 arts-integrated units in local classrooms. Think: A win-win-win for Greenville-area students, teachers, and artists.
SmartARTS began in 2002 with three US Department of Education grants to send artists into one struggling, high-poverty middle school. These federal grants expired in 2007, but thanks to community support, MAC has been able to raise over $3.8 million to keep the program going. Here’s to 20 more years. 👏
Meet teaching artist Shane Bryant. | Photo provided by MAC

Shane Bryant

Meet teaching artist Kimberly Simms Gibbs. | Photo provided by MAC

Kimberly Simms Gibbs

Meet teaching artist Jeff Holland. | Photo provided by MAC

Jeff Holland

Meet teaching artist ShAy Black. | Photo provided by MAC

ShAy Black

Meet teaching artist Diana Farfan Valente. | Photo provided by MAC

Diana Farfan Valente

Meet teaching artist Kristen LaRoy. | Photo provided by MAC

Kristen LaRoy

Meet teaching artist Kelly Davis. | Photo provided by MAC

Kelly Davis

Learn more about the SmartARTS program — and consider donating — here.*

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