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Lift Emotion is a specialist supplier of bespoke elevator solutions and specially engineered products for not only the yachting industry, but residential and commercial sectors as well. Based in the Netherlands, it has engineered, produced and installed products for a range of shipyards such as Feadship, Oceanco, Damen Yachting, Turquoise and Lürssen
SuperYacht Times spoke with Mike Brandt of Lift Emotion to find out more about the company’s unique approach to designing lift solutions and some exciting projects we can expect to see in the future.Lift Emotion marketingLift Emotion takes pride in bringing together precision technology, extensive experience and state-of-the-art techniques, to create special engineering solutions, as well as elevators.  Most of the elevators at Lift Emotion are completely tailored to the client and project, with unique customisations making each one different from the last.Lift Emotion assembly hallPhoto: Lift EmotionOne thing all the projects at Lift Emotion have in common is their construction process, each elevator starts off life at its facility in Meppel, the Netherlands. Due to its extensive experience across different sectors, Lift Emotion’s small team draws upon a breadth of knowledge from design, all the way through to implementation, which helps them to produce bespoke lift solutions that often require technicality and precision.Lift Emotion marketingLift Emotion designs, builds and implements elevators in all types and sizes for a wide range of needs and solutions. “We have installed some nice glass elevators at some well-known Dutch shipyards this year, as well as a super special glass elevator inside a private house in Paris. We also currently have six elevators in the design phase for other private houses,” commented Mike Brandt of Lift Emotion.Project X lift by Lift EmotionPhoto: Lift EmotionLift Emotion is capable of designing every elevator desired by customers or architects, “We have had a challenging 2021-2022, but we have had the pleasure of delivering several elevators for yachts and several new orders for new-build yachts,” adds Mike Brandt. “This year we installed the elevator inside the 87.6-metre Golden Yachts superyacht Project X. She was showcased during the Monaco Yacht Show and we had several compliments about the elevator’s size, speed and looks.”Elevator detailNot all elevators have to be state of the art design, the most important part is to make sure that they are functional. Lift Emotion works with world-renowned designers to create unique technological and aesthetic masterpieces that complement the styling of the boat, while remaining functional and meeting regulations. They are able to combine the finest materials with high-grade glass and impeccable workmanship, making them a popular choice within the industry.Lift Emotion assembly hallPhoto: Lift EmotionThis can clearly be seen in its assembly hall in Meppel, which is currently brimming with projects from some of the top shipyards, as well luxury residential projects. From pop-up elevators to glass round and square elevators, and even glass elevators for several ferries. “At the moment our assembly hall has plenty of nice new projects including; a couple of round and rectangular three stop elevators, a four and five stop service lift for a Stena conversion, a two stop special platform lift for access to a cinema inside a 100m+ superyacht and several cabins for a 100m+ yacht.”Lift Emotion marketingThe process of designing and implementing an elevator from Lift Emotion is also made simple by the team. They are able to strike a balance between clients’ expectations and the actual material conditions of the project with the whole process taking between 20 to 24 weeks, depending on the scope of the project. During this time, Lift Emotion is able to determine the best type of lift to use, as well as meeting all the aesthetic requirements from the client.Lift Emotion marketingLift Emotion is able to do this through a variety of methods, and by offering versatile solutions. It has options for different types of lifts including traction driven and hydraulic, and the implementation of these solutions is contingent on the type of vessel, the available space and the aesthetic needs of the lift. “We are able to offer a variety of solutions, including those with small pits and trunktops. We are also able to provide higher speed solutions for yachts with more deck levels.”Lift Emotion marketingThe proven track record of Lift Emotion shows why the company has a packed order book for shipyards. In addition to providing premium products and solutions, Lift Emotion also carries out refits, refurbishments and upgrades. It also provides a range of consultancy services with in-depth information or advice before deciding on the system that suits the client’s specific situation.
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