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BTS has become the household name where you will be able to find their songs in almost every playlist in the world. With time, this boy band has grown into one massive success and not just in popularity wise but the artistic growth has also reflected how hard the group and its seven members worked. Did you know the group took BigHit Music out of bankruptcy? The agency has now become one of the dominant agencies in the world. It is almost like a dream come true for the Korean industry and BTS to gain international fame and popularity to this extent.
However, with 9 years in the industry, our favorite boys have been connected to several controversies from time to time. Let’s look at those incidents where BTS members were criticized.
Jin spotted with a big box of you know what…..
 Another member of BTS, Jin used to run a blog post where he uploaded pictures and recipes of food he used to cook while living in a BTS dorm room. In such a post fans spotted a box of condoms that the group received from fans. This created a controversy but later on, became an inside joke in the fandom.

V’s smoking
The international crust, V of BTS was seen smoking outside the grammy venue in 2022 which received backlash from the fans. Some were supporting the idol stating he is an adult and can take decisions for him; however, others commented he should have acted responsibly considering he has an influence over little kids.
Chart manipulation
One of the most frequent controversies that BTS is a part of throughout their career is chart manipulation. The rise of BTS was quick and at a wide international level which created a lot of surprise and jealousy among others. This made the group face accusations of chart manipulation from time to time. Many could not believe how a rookie group of a couple of teenage boys was outselling idols and soon they were dragged to court for chart manipulation. However, the court ruled in the group’s favor stating BigHit Music which was bankrupt in 2015 did not have the resources and funds to manipulate the chart.

Jungkook and not following social distancing
 The fan-favorite member of BTS and widely popular Jungkook who is originally known as Jeon Jung-kook also found himself tangled in controversy and accusations of not following the Covid-19 protocols. In 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak and people were dying all over the world, the safety measures were strict in every country and social distancing was a big part of our lives. However, Jungkook was seen at Itaewon club with a group of his friends partying which upset the netizens. People accused him of acting irresponsibly and the group received negative comments.
Racist remarks caused death threats to RM
 RM or Rap Monster, originally known as Kim Nam-Joon once again found himself amidst controversy when netizens accused him of being racist. In an interview in Australia, RM sparked controversy when he said that when he first met V and J-Hope he could not see them properly as they were ‘too black‘. This statement received a ton of backlash and criticism and was considered racist. As a result, the member faced serious death threats while touring in North America in 2015. The agency took it very seriously and immediately canceled the rest of their ‘The Red Bullet’ tour to protect RM. Similar threats were also made towards another member, ‘Jimin‘ in their 2018’s ‘Wings’ tour which also resulted in tightening the security.
Misogynistic lyrics
 When the group was only just starting, in 2014 they released a track named ‘War of Hormone‘ which featured some controversial and misogynistic lyrics that upset a lot of fans and listeners. Especially the line ‘Girls are like an equation/us guys just do them (yup) /Imma give it to you girl right now/A woman is the best present’ sparked the controversy which objectifies women. The group later apologized for the insensitive writing and since then became aware of the lyrics they are using on tracks.

 This is a serious take on any artist as it disrespected their effort and art. Similarly, the group has faced accusations of plagiarism several times in their careers. The first accusation was in 2015 when some Twitter handles pointed out the group’s leader RM used lyrics that were written by them and claimed his own. RM later apologized and accepted the accusations saying that he takes inspiration from interviews, movies, and even books. Recently in 2021 when the group released the global smash hit ‘Butter‘ it also faced a similar allegation of copying ‘You Got Me Down‘ by Dutch artist Luca De Bonaire. But later BugHit Music shut down those allegations stating that the dutch artist has also purchased a similar line from songwriter Sebastien Garcia, who was involved with ‘Butter‘.
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