Drivers in general in too much of a hurry now
I read your article covering motorcycle fatalities. I do agree with the helmet law that it may save some more lives.
I feel another problem is not just motorcycles, but all types of vehicles I have seen taking really risky behavior passing other vehicles, putting other vehicle and the lives within that vehicle in danger. People are passing on double yellow lines, on curves, going up hills and many other situations. Driving quite a bit faster than the speed limit as well.
There is not the presence of cops like there used to be to patrol more area to either keep people in check with the laws or issuing tickets for this kind of behavior. People are in too much of a hurry to be cautious of the laws or other people’s lives or plain just don’t care about others. I travel the roadways a lot and see things on a daily basis.
Nichole Vredenburg Reed City
Motorcyclists need to be more cautious
I read your article online. I live in southeast Michigan. Perhaps it is not fair of me to comment on motorcyclists because I have never been on a motorcycle in my life. But I am a driver with many years of experience driving automobiles. I have seen motorcyclists doing extremely dangerous things on the road. I am not slamming all motorcyclists because I have seen many who are driving safely and responsibly. But the number of irresponsible motorcyclists seems to have increased in recent years. 
I am a nurse and each time I see a cyclist without a helmet, I shake my head. I think a helmet is such a small concession to make to reduce their potential risk of serious injury. Very recently, when I was driving on I-94 to work at night, a motorcyclist came up on me so suddenly and whipped around me so erratically that it frightened me. I was driving between 70-75 mph. He had to have been going at least 90-95 mph.  I didn’t hear or see him until he was right by me — then he was gone in a flash. I thought to myself how horrible it would have been if I had changed lanes at that moment before I noticed him.
I am a very watchful driver, always trying to anticipate other drivers’ moves. But a motorcyclist speeding in the dark is not easy to see. I wish I could say that was the only time something like that happened, but it is not. I have witnessed many motorcyclists driving on highways like they were in a race, weaving in and out of vehicles, risking their lives. It must be an adrenaline rush, but is the risk worth it? I am in favor of helmets being mandatory and required safety training for motorcyclists.
CJ EicholtzDundee


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