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Join The Atlanta Council on International Relations (ACIR) for a Diplomatic Dialogue reception with Jacob Veerman, Consul General of the Netherlands in Atlanta. After an hour of networking, Consul General Veerman will discuss the work of the Netherlands Consulate, his experiences during his career postings and his observations on global affairs with Mark Pierson, ACIR’s Director of Diplomatic Outreach and Strategic Development. The reception attendees (limited to 30) will then have the opportunity to ask the Consul General questions. Remarks are strictly off-the-record and not recorded.
About Consul General Jacob Veerman
Jacob is the senior Netherlands government representative in the Southeast United States responsible for relations with the states of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. He leads a team that works to promote NL-US trade and investment, support Dutch nationals, conduct public diplomacy on key issues, and build scientific and research co-operation.
Consul General Veerman is an internationally experienced diplomat specializing in economic diplomacy, business development, change and project management. He has broad knowledge and experience in the field of water management, agriculture, horticulture, life sciences and health, infrastructure and logistics. He has a master’s degree in social economic history from Amsterdam University and has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and began his career as a geography teacher at a Dutch High School in Hoorn, the Netherlands.
For the past 30 years he has held various positions at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, most recently as the Dutch representative to the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Philippines. His diverse postings include Sr. Policy Advisor at the Dutch Embassy in Paramaribo (Surinam), Dutch Deputy Consul General in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Deputy Ambassador at the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City and Director of the Documentary Information Systems Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Jacob was born in Volendam, the Netherlands. He and his wife Petra have two children, Sandra and Thomas who are both in University in the Netherlands. He and Petra love to travel, visit museums and galleries and are passionate collectors of Chinese antique porcelain and Dutch Design.

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