Ugly or not, this if probably the only $3 million house on the market in the country that includes a whole church organ in the living room. There are some peculiar things in this house. Let's take a look.
Here's one thing you're getting with this house; a butt-load of land. Just look at this sprawling property.
I should also apologize for calling this a house. This is a "Gentleman's Estate" at least according to the Zillow profile. 
Gentleman's Estate with 47+ acres of rolling land & mature woods. Incredible quality throughout this custom built home with ample room & premium features. Enjoy 15,000 sq. ft. on 3 levels, with 2 outbuildings offering 5,000+ sq. ft. of hobby/storage space.
So you have a lot of room to do some pretty shady stuff on the premises but what does the inside look like? Impersonal and weird would be two of the first words to come to mind. Let's start with the Great Room.
According to the listing the great room comes with 38 foot ceilings. I don't think I've ever been in a house with anything above 20. It is cavernous with little to no personality. I'd like to point out the television set. It looks like one of those flat screens that cost $30K in 2001 and it's set up in a position that has 0 good sight lines from any of the seating positions. This is the only real TV I found in any of the pictures. I'll get to the half TV in a minute.
And here's the reverse angle of the great room. You can see all three levels of the house and where the organ sits. An absolutely wild instrument to have installed in a house. I've known a lot of musicians in my life and maybe 6 of them could play an organ like that. None of them had an extra $3 million to buy a house.
Here's a bedroom that makes absolutely no sense. Why is there a spiral staircase leading to a balcony? This looks like they just put a bed in a random room like when you need to convert an office to a bedroom when your grandmother comes to live with you.
Here's another room that doesn't make sense, the master bathroom.
Who wants an island in the middle of the bathroom. I probably spend less time looking in the mirror than anyone and even I want a mirror in front of the bathroom sink. This is the room where the half of a TV lives, and it's hilarious.
That's right. This $3 million house Gentleman's Estate comes with a 13 inch tube TV on a table that is somehow too small to safely display it by a hot tub. It makes no sense.
Quick question. Is the following room the leisurely quarters of a Gentleman's Estate or the waiting room at a nice muffler shop?
WHO DESIGNED THIS PLACE!?!?! What is going on with the ceiling tiles and fluorescent lights?
I know what you're thinking. This place looks great but what would really tie it all together is another sparsely appointed room with a ping pong table and 4 statues that look like they should be in a church. I've got good news.
Again. Why have all this square footage if you're not going to use it at all?
Here's the kitchen that $3 million gets you in St. Charles Illinois. It's nice but nothing special. I've cooked in nicer kitchens at houses that only cost 6-figures.
I'll leave you with this one picture that kind of sums up the whole aesthesis of the house, this sitting room.
A cold, unwelcoming room. Rattan furniture that you can't even lay down on with one lamp that probably cost more than my car. It's a shame that fortunes are sometimes wasted on the tasteless.


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