Many people go on solo adventures to “discover themselves” and explore their identities. Being alone also teaches you that you do not need anyone to make you feel whole. Being alone is good for the mind and can even help you cope with social anxiety and stress.
Remember that what may have been ideal for some solo travelers may be disastrous for others. Some may be excellent for men but dangerous for women or people of color. Do your research before committing to vacation to make sure the place is right for you.
Here is a list of the best destinations to engage in a solo trip. 
Bali is the ideal destination for a solo vacation in heaven. A Washington Post contributor claims that after her first visit to Bali in 2015, she felt a pull to return to spend more time alone, feeling safe and comfortable while surfing, eating, making new friends, learning the language and exploring the coast and nearby islands.
The village of San Cristóbal de las Casas in the highlands of Chiapas is on this list because of its open-air markets, textile artists, and Spanish colonial architecture.
Sample the tamales, roasted plantains, and other fruits the town has to offer along with guavas, apples, and passion fruit.
Saghar Setareh, a food writer, photographer and cookbook author, has developed a list of criteria you can use to determine if a place is suitable for solo travel. Istanbul has it all: efficient public transportation, rich cultural and historical offerings, and a fascinating restaurant scene to explore at a variety of price points.
Denver tops the list of “Best (and Worst) Travel Destinations for Introverts.” That’s according to data from a VacationRenter, which took into account factors such as population density, walkability and diversity of activities. This makes sense, as Denver has a laid-back vibe and is easy to navigate, offering options for all types of solo travelers.
The architecture, parks, restaurants, and nightlife of Amsterdam, one of the safest cities in the world, draw solo visitors. The Dutch capital was travel writer Ali Wunderman’s first stop while traveling alone, and it has long been a favorite of people with similar experiences.
Tokyo is the obvious destination, especially for those who might be uncomfortable traveling solo. The restaurants, pubs and public bathrooms here cater to solo travelers. You can stay in the country’s capital for the duration of your trip or take the train to explore other unique regions of Japan, including bustling Osaka, the beaches of Okinawa and hilly Sapporo.

Chanice “Queenie” Williams, founder of the blog and travel planning service Fly with Queenie, says her solo trip to Tanzania this summer was the right combination of relaxation and excitement. With cities, national parks and beaches on the itinerary, it was “perfect for solo travelers, particularly women who are not comfortable alone.”
Walk the city’s 49 square miles to get a sense of everything from the amazing atmosphere of the Outer Sunset to the beachfront Embarcadero, stopping along the way to sit at the bar at one of the many restaurants.
Visitors are advised to rent a boat to explore the island’s magnificent bays, says Katie Parla, author of the upcoming cookbook “Food of the Italian Islands.” Parla remarked that “it is pure freedom to rent a scooter and zip around the volcanic contours of Ponza en route to aperitivo or dinner in the village of Le Forna as the sun sets over neighboring Palmarola in the distance.” 
Walk the city’s 49 square miles to get a sense of everything from the amazing atmosphere of the Outer Sunset to the beachfront Embarcadero, stopping along the way to sit at the bar at one of the many restaurants.
For any solo traveler, Anais Martinez, a food writer and gourmet tour guide from Mexico City, suggests visiting her hometown. As one of the largest cities in the world, it’s full of delicious food in every price range, parks and public spaces for people-watching, museums and archeological sites to explore.

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