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|Tue Nov 01 2022
Oct 23, 2022; Austin, Texas, USA; Red Bull Racing Limited driver Max Verstappen of Team Netherlands leaves the track after his team wins the U.S. Grand Prix F1 race and the World Constructors’ Championship at Circuit of the Americas. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Max Verstappen, at 25, is probably the most marketable F1 driver, at par with Lewis Hamilton. He’s not only smashing sporting records but also earning riches because of his market value.
With his recent contract extension with Red Bull, he currently earns over $54 million annually, excluding his sponsorships and brand deals. Thus, it can easily be said he is among the richest drivers.
His current net worth shoots at $200 million and ranks him 26th among the highest-paid athletes in the Forbes 2022 list. So, at only 25, he earns what other athletes his age could only desire.
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Verstappen is not only among the richest minority in the sporting world but also in his nation. According to the quotenet.nl, the Red Bull superstar is among the richest 500 in his nation.
Not only that, he is the youngest ever to appear on that list. It shows that even with at least a decade more in his career, Verstappen is doing wonders for his personal wealth.
While earning immensely, Verstappen is also not shying away from spoiling himself. The Dutchman travels on his $12 million private jet and has a massive garage of some exclusive luxurious cars.
Verstappen, in his mid-twenties, has already eclipsed Fernando Alonso’s wins and has matched his title count. However, the Spaniard says that even at a similar age, he also exploited the entire F1 field.
Thus, he said that luck greatly prolongs success at this age. Even Sebastian Vettel was unmatched from 2010-2013 but saw a dramatic decline in his superiority. So, how long Verstappen will go on to smash this record at this rate is still a mystery.
Another record falls to Max 👑#MexicoGP @Max33Verstappen pic.twitter.com/ZDZTDyabUr
— Formula 1 (@F1) October 31, 2022
But he also adds that things are going well for Red Bull. So, Verstappen can only relax and enjoy his present without thinking about his sporting future.
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Tanish Chachra is the Motorsport editor at The SportsRush. He saw his first race when F1 visited India in 2011, and since then, his romance with the sport has been seasonal until he took up this role in 2020. Reigniting F1's coverage on this site, Tanish has fallen in love with the sport all over again. He loves Kimi Raikkonen and sees a future world champion in Oscar Piastri. Away from us, he loves to snuggle inside his books.
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