Famous for its fish & chips, there’s more to the menu at Yorkshire County Fish Shop in EPCOT. This Walt Disney World dining review features food photos, thoughts on the menu, what we recommend ordering, and whether it’s worth your time given the wealth of cuisine in World Showcase.
Located in the United Kingdom pavilion, this unassuming walk-up window is nestled beside Rose & Crown Tavern on the waterfront side of World Showcase. On the other side is International Gateway, making Yorkshire County Fish Shop the closest counter service restaurant to an entrance or exit at EPCOT.
That makes Yorkshire County Fish Shop perfect for a pit stop on arrival or departure day for guests staying in the Crescent Lake Resorts. This easy access to fish & chips makes the limited counter service restaurant lineup at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Yacht & Beach Club Resorts slightly more forgivable.
In theory, you could make a fish & chips run from the Beach Club Villas in about 30 minutes roundtrip, assuming minimal lines at the turnstiles and the restaurant. If you wanted to add ice cream at L’Artisan des Glaces in the France pavilion, tack on another 15 minutes to that time.
Again, hypothetically speaking–not that we have any experience doing this or anything. (In all seriousness, it would be awesome if Walt Disney World did Mobile Order delivery from World Showcase restaurants to Crescent Lake Resorts. Disney already partners with Lyft for the Minnie Vans. Why not with Door Dash or some other food delivery service for this?!)

There’s one thing I want to get out of the way up front because we have a large number of readers in the United Kingdom. If you hail from the historic county of Yorkshire in Northern England–founded by the Romans and home to 13th-century cathedral York Minster, Tudor houses, medieval walls, and known for its Viking (really?) heritage–you may be disappointed by the food here. It is, presumably, not 100% authentic.
I hate to break it to you, but literally none of the food in World Showcase is strictly authentic. Not even the barbecue in the American Adventure. I don’t know why this bothers people so much, but regional foods are reinterpreted and localized. This is true at Walt Disney World…and literally everywhere.

Regional pride is fine–everyone has it–but the steadfast belief that cuisine should be monolithic and uniform is unnecessarily limiting. The attitude that a particular item is lesser because it doesn’t comport with some narrow definition of that dish–rather than because it doesn’t taste good–is dumb.
Americans do all sorts of crazy stuff with burgers–that doesn’t make them inauthentic. There is no single type of ramen in Japan. Even in New York or Chicago, you’ll find variations on pizza. Food should be judged on its deliciousness; everything else is noise.

In short, it should come as absolutely no surprise that everything at Yorkshire County Fish Shop has been modified to appeal to the widest range of guests from around the globe who visit a theme park in Central Florida.
The operative question, as with everywhere else: does the food at Yorkshire County Fish Shop taste good?

The iconic entree (and only one available if you look at the online menu) at the United Kingdom pavilion window is the Fish and Chips. (Also pictured is the Victoria Sponge Cake, which is not currently available–nothing of value was lost there.)
You’ll receive two medium-sized filets of fish atop a bed of fries. Yorkship County Fish Shop usually uses tilapia, but it changes from time to time–it’s always a white fish of some sort. (Tilapia is cheap and farm raised, so everything else is an upgrade.)

The milder flavor of the tilapia is not particularly “fishy,” especially underneath the crisp and flavorful batter. That’s arguably the prevailing flavor, with the tender and flaky fish pairing well with it.
In my view, the two strike the right balance and come together for a delicious dish that’s consistently good. Since Yorkship County Fish Shop basically serves this one thing, you’re not going to get fish that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for hours, “slow-aged” a la 7-11 hot dogs.

The chips or fries are likewise delicious, an ideal accompaniment. These aren’t the typical Walt Disney World counter service fries found at other counter service restaurants around the parks. They’re thicker and more on the authentic side.
In the end, the answer to the question posed is: yes, the fish and chips here taste good. They aren’t going to be the best you’ve ever had, but for theme park fare at a walk-up window these absolutely deliver, and do so on a consistent basis. The last time I had a “bad” batch of these was (literally) over a decade ago.

A more recent addition to the menu at Yorkshire County Fish Shop is the Chicken and Mushroom Pie, which can be ordered with or without chips. This has been available for like 3 years, but still isn’t on the permanent menu for some reason–there’s just a little sign by the register advertising its existence. I guess you might say it’s a “secret menu” option? (We wouldn’t, but you could.)
While Americans might call this a meat or hand pie, I’m told the Brits call this a “pasty.” That’s a British baked pastry, which is traditionally associated with Cornwall, South West England but has spread all over the British Isles. (All per Wikipedia, the ultimate internet authority.)

Seems like a distinction without a difference to me, but I’m sure I’ll be advised otherwise in the comments! Before you Brits get too upset about us Yankees butchering your baked goods, just keep in mind that Walt Disney World also made a big deal about butchering our own cuisine just a few short months ago–renaming a whole restaurant and publicizing it for no real reason other than to upset Northeasterners, I guess.
In other words, it’s nothing personal–Walt Disney World just seems to have a penchant for angering those who feel passionately about their regional cuisine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s food from the United Kingdom, Mexico, or New Jersey–Disney does not discriminate! 😉

But I digress–back to Yorkshire. The Chicken and Mushroom Pie here is more like a mushroom and chicken pasty, as it’s heavier on the mushrooms than it is the chicken. The creamy gravy is rounded out with leeks and herbs. While that’s all fantastic–especially as a mushroom lover–it’s the buttery and flaky crust that really makes this pastry.
That crust is at once thick and tender, dialing up the “heaviness” factor of the mushroom and chicken pie to 11. Like so many of my favorite so very British dishes, I think this could best be described as hearty, with comforting and earthy flavors. It’s the perfect winter dish, but I love it so much that I would order it during summer in Central Florida. (In fact, I’ve done exactly that!)

Although it’s just a walk-up window, there’s abundant waterfront seating behind Yorkshire County Fish Shop.
I wouldn’t necessarily call this a secret spot, as it’s pretty obvious if you actually order food from the quick service location. However, if you’ve never bothered to stop at this UK eatery, you might’ve never noticed this expansive area given how it’s tucked away from the main promenade.

We love this area. Or rather, areas.
Off to the right is a two-tiered seating section, with tables down along the waterfront and an elevated section closer to the main World Showcase walkway. I prefer the lower level as it puts you at lagoon level, with an up-close view of FriendShip boats. You also have a great view of the Harmonious Stargate and water tacos, if you’d prefer to face that direction.

To the left, there’s covered seating.
This is adjacent to the outdoor seating area of Rose & Crown. It’s a good option if you can’t find a table with shade on the other side–but really right on the water is best, if you ask me.

Ultimately, Yorkship County Fish Shop is an excellent option for fast food that’s comforting, familiar, and filling. To be sure, it is most definitely not one of the elite EPCOT restaurants and it’s also not as delicious or envelope-pushing as some top-tier festival booth dishes. In fact, it wouldn’t land in the top 25% of food in World Showcase for us.
However, neither would most counter service restaurants. In the strong culinary landscape of World Showcase, the savory and satisfying quick service options can be shockingly weak. Among those, the best options are pretty much this, Regal Eagle Smokehouse, or Katsura Grill. As compared to its direct competition, Yorkshire County Fish Shop is quite good. It’s just not the best of the best in all of Walt Disney World, or even all of World Showcase.
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Have you dined at Yorkship County Fish Shop? If so, what did you think of the food and seating area? Was it better than you expected, or were you disappointed by your meal experience? If you’re from the UK, how do you feel about the authenticity (or lack thereof) of the food at Yorkship County Fish Shop? Agree or disagree with our restaurant review? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback–even when you disagree with us–is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

I used to love the Baked Potato place that was here.
I am actually not a fan as of the last time I tried them. Something changed. I felt like I was eating a funnel cake with as much batter as there was on my portion. It has been 6 months since I then though so maybe it is better now than then.
We like Yorkshire Fish Shop, but prefer to have fish & chips instead at Rose & Crown Restaurant. The fish & chips served inside Rose & Crown is cod which is a much better fish.
Being British the main thing that bothers me about this location is that’s it’s called a ‘fish shop’, no English person I know would ever refer to it as such, these places are called Chip Shops. I can only assume it’s called a fish shop at wdw so that American’s et al don’t become confused with Chips/Crisps.
Also a pie and pasty are completely different but that doesn’t upset me anywhere near as much as the nomenclature of this establishment
While we always loved eating here in the past because of the hearty portions and great location, we have stopped going here. The past four or so times the fish has been hard fried. It was dark brown, extra crunchy and dry. Don’t know why that keep happening but I’m not paying $12 for inedible fish. No amount of tartar sauce can save it at that point.
Our last order from 2 weeks ago was so overcooked we had to have them remade. No argument at all from them. “Do you want to keep the fries? is all we were asked. And we have only been receiving one piece of fish for months, if I remember correctly.
Yorkshire County Fish Shop was always a favourite stop for my husband and myself over the years at Epcot. You get a hearty and delicious portion at a great location. The last few times we went the fish was hard fried. Dark brown, extra crunchy and dry. This happened I think 4 times and it put us off going there. Has anyone else had this problem?
Please note: the birds are impossible at the outdoor seating. Stealing food and they are aggressive. For that reason, we always dine indoors in the restaurant although the last time the food was not up to the usual standard (nothing was at WDW). I’m sure it’s much worse now since I’m talking about 2018!
Just to be clear, I think S is talking about eating at Rose & Crown instead. Don’t think the YCFC’s covered seating area will save you from the birds, because it won’t. If you’re going to eat the food, either embrace the shore like Tom and sit near the water or take it to go elsewhere (didn’t there used to be a bunch of seating in that North Forty area of Canada.
Also, I’m curious Tom. Do you hear a lot of talk about YCFC in general or did you get an earful from your New Jersey audience over the weekend last Jersey Week? (Next year, I’m posting directions to the nearest Wawa.)
The lack of authenticity here does make it not taste good though :p I never go here because while it’s more healthy then British fish and chips, the missing grease makes it taste dry and flavorless for someone who has experienced the real thing. If you want proper British food that tastes as good as the real thing go to the Raglan Road in Disney Springs. Irish yes, but many of the options are universal to the UK.
(Though the type of fish, while inauthentic doesn’t really matter.)
I agree. Raglan Road is great. So are the fish & chips at Leaky Cauldron at Universal.
I suspect the average Yorkshire man with deep pockets and short arms would be most upset by the price
I thought you were from Michigan….and you don’t know what a pasty is. That is one of the best foods from the U.P. A mainstay for a miners lunch was a warm pasty wrapped in foil they could eat with their hands on a short break. It does have it’s roots from the Bristish miners who came to Michigan in the 1800’s for copper. They’re the best across the bridge.
Just came here to say this to Tom!
I honestly did not know that. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the UP—probably since I was about 12.
I’m from a farming town in southwest Michigan. Most of the foods I know of as being “regional” from my area are mostly fruits and vegetables—or random Dutch dishes.
I actually think cheap and farm-raised are points in favor of tilapia! Cost consciousness and environmental stewardship hand in hand. We’ve somehow only ever eaten here once, but it was pretty solid food. Teh main downside compared to other places is that all 3 of us have to want fish and chips to eat and my daughter is not a big fan (also doesn’t like mushrooms).
good gravy those barges just get more and more hideous
As a Brit who has lived in Florida for over 30 years I love to get the real chips here ( I don’t eat fish)
And they have real vinegar – which you have to have on chips
Fish shop is a must stop every trip. We love it! Who goes to UK (real) for the food anyway? They eat beans on toast for goodness sake! Don’t get me started on their nasty bacon. Interesting that it’s tilapia. We’ve always assumed cod. So I guess as we sail past the tanks in Living with the Land, that’s our future meal.
Nasty Bacon, gosh, I dislike USA bacon as it is all fat, in the UK USA bacon would be called’ ‘streaky bacon’. Personally I like what we brits call ‘back bacon’ tasty and mostly lean. I often wonder what happens to that part of a pig in the USA?
We do eat more than ‘beans on toast’ which is obviously just a ‘snack’ type meal! The best beans in my opinion are Heinz baked beans which are very costly in the USA for some reason?
(Proper Heinz) Baked Beans on toast = best meal ever lol
I’m sure this place is good- however last September we visited universal Orlando- I had the fish n chips in three broomsticks and foolishly went on flight of the hippogriff shortly after. I ended up being queasy for the remainder of the day- my kids still tease me about it every time we discuss Universal lol. So no more fish n chips at theme parks for this guy.
Spot-on review. My wife and I actually honeymooned in London (we live in south Georgia, for reference), and we took a 5-year anniversary trip back to London as well. Both times we were in London, we ate at a local fish & chips spot called Mayfair Chippy…one of the higher ranked fish & chip restaurants in all of London. My wife and I now make it a point to eat at Yorkshire County Fish Shop specifically because the food is INCREDIBLY close to what we had at Mayfair Chippy. Only difference is no mushy peas. And I’m sure the fish & chips at Mayfair Chippy are quite different from what’s ACTUALLY in Yorkshire County, England, but like you said, pizza in New York and pizza in Chicago can be totally different but still equally delicious.
Is there any World Showcase “fast food” meal that is gluten- and nut-free?
Most of the items at La Cantina de San Angel would be gluten and nut free, the same with Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Is Tangereine Cafe open these days? If so, another option for GF if you skip the pita.
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