••• The Whole Foods renovation continues: the prepared food section has been made huge, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more changes in that area are coming, as the adjacent wine aisle is weirdly wide. Also, the store has installed self-checkout stations, and there’s no longer a dedicated 10-items-or-less lane (although a temporary sign can be put up to convert a normal line). And if there was nowhere to wait before, the problem is now much worse.
••• L. spotted people at Dutch Garden and went over to ask what’s up. Co-owner Charlie Fredericks explained that the building was condemned, so fixing everything and getting the city county onboard has been a struggle. As long as the final inspections go well, the restaurant should open in the next two months. The interior looks much the same—original bar stools and window coverings—but cleaned up, and the patio will have a new bar area. And the menu is sure to please the purists. P.S. Anyone know which Instagram account—this or this—is the right one?
••• Santa Barbara’s Juice Ranch is opening an outpost in Solvang, next door to Good Seed Coffee. Look for it in the next month or so. (Thanks to K. for the tip.)
••• I was intrigued when Hook & Press introduced an herb potato waffle (“Imagine if hash browns and a waffle had a cheesy, herby little baby”), served with Greek yogurt spiked with Meyer lemon and chile. But I was downright excited when H&P started making mini waffles to sub for the bread on its breakfast sandwiches. The waffles are gluten-free, if that’s important to you.
••• Corazón Cocina is taking over the kitchen at M. Special on State Street, reports Restaurant Guy. Corazón’s Ramon Velazquez sure has a lot on his plate: new restaurants on E. Victoria, in the Montecito Country Mart, on Chapala, in Noleta, in Ventura…. UPDATE 8/25: “There’s nothing 100% set about this project and is something we’re still looking into,” says Corazón (despite the sign posted at the site, at least as seen on Restaurant Guy’s post).
••• You can now check out an induction burner from Santa Barbara and Ventura libraries, a program organized by 3C-REN (the Tri-County Regional Energy Network). —KCLU
••• The Baker’s Table‘s new location at 3570 Sagunto Street in Santa Ynez has opened.
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Congrats to The Baker’s Table – and their oddly places sign over grate – they have the BEST tuna salad ( lemony and herby, oily with capers & cornichon-) and even better, the Santa Ynez Florist is moving to the shop directly east of new Baker’s Table! With the pot shop going in at the old STAR DRUGS one block south of Sagunto/directly behind Post office- the gauntlet has dropped….
Congratulations to Ramon and Corazon Cocina! His food has always been delicious, innovative and wildly addictive. ❤️
The Dutch Garden is in the unincorporated county not the city.
The second Instagram account is correct and displays the newly remodeled kitchen and upgraded patio area. https://www.instagram.com/dutchgardensb/
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