Since February, Russia has been subject to numerous EU restrictions for its invasion of Ukraine. However, a Dutch news website has revealed that during the nine months of war, the government in The Hague issued 91 decisions exempting individual entities from sanctions.
“Even up to several companies can benefit from each single decision,” RTL Nieuws reported, adding that the lifting of sanctions is carried out by Dutch ministries.

The country’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Resources allowed 34 Russian ships carrying food and aluminium, among other things, to call at Dutch ports. The Ministry of Economy and Climate issued 25 permits to Dutch companies to work with former Gazprom companies, which were taken over by the German company SEFE Energy.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade, in turn, issued 18 permits to 13 organisations for “humanitarian reasons”, and the Ministry of Finance issued 13 permits exempting a number of frozen assets and sanctioned goods from restrictions.

Lastly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was identified as having issued one authorisation for payments from Russia for “diplomatic purposes.”
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