Tuesday 22 November is set to be a landmark day for the royal family as King Charles III hosts the first formal state banquet of his reign. The date also marks the Prince and Princess of Wales first state banquet since adopting their new titles.
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The royal family’s official Instagram account gave fans an extremely rare opportunity to glimpse behind-the-scenes at palace staff’s preparation ahead of the state banquet held in the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s honour at Buckingham Palace.
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Posting a video to their 13.1million followers, the royal family shared an inside look at the royal kitchens at Buckingham Palace – as they’ve never been seen before.
“What’s been cooking up in the kitchen for the President of South Africa’s State Visit?” the post read. “The Buckingham Palace chefs are hard at work preparing for the State Banquet tomorrow night.
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The table settings at a State Banquet can take several days to prepare
“The national flowers of South Africa, Protea, have been recreated out of sugar and painted with edible colouring, which will be presented alongside petit fours and coffee,” they continued.
The incredible clip showed the palace chefs crafting stunning pink flowers from moldable sugar, before hand painting them with edible glitter and displaying them in an ornate gold dish.
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Viewers were also given an insight into the endless preparation of vegetables that occurs ahead of a state banquet, with chefs washing, peeling and chopping an array of seasonal produce.
Royal fans couldn’t help but be awestruck at the unusual video from the royal family’s Instagram account, which is normally strictly reserved for official photography from royal outings or statements from the royal family.

The Prince and Princess of Wales will atenned their first state banquet since adopting their new titles
“Love the ‘behind the scenes’ photos and videos!! I especially liked the sugar Protea because I used to do cakes and know how much time and effort sugar flowers take!” commented a royal fan.
“So good to see more of the behind the scenes of the royal family!” added another, while a third comment read: “What an honor to be working in the royal kitchens! Well done chefs!”

The video showed a close glimpse at the detail behind royal desserts
Banquets typically take a notoriously long time to prepare for – six months in fact. It also takes palace staff up to three days to lay the table!
Napkins are folded in the shape of a Dutch bonnet and there are six glasses for each person – for water, a champagne toast, red and white wines, dessert wine and port, which are all carefully placed in order.

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