RIYADH: Riyadh residents are in for a wildlife treat following the opening of Riyadh Zoo to visitors. 
The zoo, which is included in one of Riyadh Season’s 15 entertainment zones, houses 1,300 animals from 190 species spread across the reserve in carefully planned rural or wild environments. 
Visitors can enjoy a range of new experiences, such as walking in a glass tunnel with tigers and lions outside, which gives animal-lovers a close-up view of wild cats and allows them to take photographs. 
In a virtual reality experience, visitors can walk through dark rooms housing owls, visit the turtle house, climb walls, mingle with giraffes, and even play tug-of-war with lions. 
Interactive activities encourage children to come dressed up as their favorite animal, in addition to live performances, including theater, face painting and food booths. 

Sahar Al-Shehri, who brought her son to the zoo, told Arab News about her son’s excitement seeing the animals for the first time. 
“My son loves animals, and I came so we can enjoy watching animals in real life together. We usually watch them on TV, and I think this zone is important for kids because my son has a passion for animals, and he wants to learn about them. I am glad that this is happening in Riyadh, where we can hand feed the animals,” she said. 
Nine-year-old Muqrin Al-Quraini was also visiting the zoo with his mother and brother. 
“This is my first time in Riyadh Zoo, and I am here to see all animals, like rabbits, cats, tortoises, parrots, and fish,” he said. 
Riyadh Zoo, a 55-acre property in Al-Malaz, was earlier known as the Riyadh Zoological Gardens. It was established in 1957 as a private menagerie for King Saud and the Saudi royal family. The site was made public in 1987 and also houses endangered species.
RIYADH: Boulevard Riyadh City, one of the entertainment zones of the third Riyadh Season, celebrated the 52nd Omani National Day on Nov. 18 with a range of activities.
The zone witnessed a spread of the colors of the Omani flag as people joined in a march to celebrate the country’s heritage and prosperity.
The square screens in Boulevard Riyadh City turned into a visual show celebrating the leaderships of both the Kingdom and Oman.
The fountain and the Boulevard lights were decorated with the colors of the Omani flag, confirming the importance of the occasion for the people of both countries.
Attendees in the zone celebrated the National Day of Oman with a large number of Omani visitors, many of whom have joined in other events hosted by Riyadh Season.
Celebrations continued in the background with patriotic songs and celebrations that aimed to deepen relations between the Saudi and Omani people.
Riyadh Season hosts activities for the national days of friendly and brotherly countries, which contributes to creating an atmosphere that consolidates relations among people, enforcing national values in the Kingdom and emphasizing Saudi appreciation and pride in relations with countries around the world.
There are various other events and experiences in the many zones of Riyadh Season, including concerts, local and international exhibitions, theatrical performances, Cirque du Soleil and WWE shows, fireworks spectacles and a football tournament.
There are also restaurants and cafes, lounges and a wide range of interactive activities suitable for people of all ages.
The third Riyadh Season contains 15 diverse entertainment zones and features the largest artificial lake in the world, cable car transportation, and sporting events such as the Riyadh Season Cup, which brings together the Paris Saint-Germain football team and stars from the Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr clubs.
RIYADH: The first RiseUp Saudi Arabia, an annual entrepreneurship summit, kicked off at King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh on Saturday.
The three-day summit will attract over 10,000 participants, over 150 startups, 150 investors and 200 speakers from all over the world to share their global experiences as well as the latest developments in many fields to serve the startups and help them build foundations on which to base themselves.
The summit is supported by the National Technology Development Program of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in a strategic partnership with the Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones.
The summit also includes some sectors specialized in entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia, such as the Saudi Venture Investment Co.; the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority; the Garage, the Digital Cooperation Organization; the Ministry of Tourism, and the Angel Investors.
Princess Lolowah bint Yazeed, CEO of RiseUp Co. in Saudi Arabia, said: “The Kingdom witnessed a historic boom for the startups community, and the Kingdom has been and will remain the most prominent supporter of this sector, as it represents a prosperous future for the economies of the world.
“The impact of startups on the lives of the citizens of the Kingdom has become clear and tangible, as the efficiency of the daily life of citizens has been improved by relying on modern technology in managing all tasks.
“The continued growth of startups is by finding many sources and resources and abundant investments.”
RIYADH: A cooking event in Riyadh on Thursday featured the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish embassies promoting New Nordic cuisine and sparking gastro diplomacy through their own “MasterChef.”
Michael Jensen, the Danish deputy head of the mission, said: “The four Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway are trying to make a little gimmick out of doing a dish from each country that we will then give feedback to, and give participants an opportunity to try and cook.”
Six teams of two went head-to-head in the competition at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Diplomatic Quarter.
The teams prepared one dish from each Nordic country, starting with a smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizer from Norway and a toast skagen from Sweden.
The contestants then had 15 minutes to create the remaining two courses, including the main dish from Finland called voileipakakku. The final course was a layer cake dessert from Denmark called lagkage.
Participants in each round were timed when gathering their ingredients and assembling the dish for the Nordic envoys to judge.
The embassy judges included the Ambassador of Sweden Petra Menander, the Finnish Ambassador Anu-Eerika Viljanen, the Norwegian Ambassador Thomas Lid Ball, and Jensen.
Menander told Arab News: “We are here for a bit of an experiment in the Nordic cooking contest, in which Saudis are creating something we know very well, and some dishes we don’t, and it is very interesting to see how the dishes are being interpreted.
“We have been laughing a lot and sort of challenging a lot and really had a lot of fun. It’s really good to come together and just enjoy each other’s company.”
The ambassadors discussed the importance of bringing people together in the community to highlight and share Nordic cuisine.
Lid Ball told Arab News: “I think this reaches a different audience than the people we often reach as ambassadors.
“It’s important to us to learn, to understand Saudi Arabia and the different parts of Saudi Arabia, and reach out to many people.”
Jensen said that the aim of the event was to present a glimpse into Nordic food.
New Nordic cuisine promotes cooking with local, seasonal, and natural ingredients that contribute to sustainability.
He said: “We have a lot of focus on sustainability in our countries, and using the ingredients that are close to where we are.
“Trying to limit the carbon footprint and using what is in season and what is in front of us, I think that is very much how traditional cooking in our countries used to be, given the harsh winters.”
Contestants received a list of ingredients and an image of the four dishes from each Nordic country, but not a step-by-step instruction on how to put the dish together.
Menander said: “It can be even better when you do things differently.
“The best toast skagen I have ever had was here, and it wasn’t the original recipe.”
A similar event took place in 2020, led by the Danish embassy in Riyadh.
Jensen said: “We are far away from the Nordic countries here, and there’s not a lot of Nordic restaurants.
“We’d like to present what we can do in the Nordic countries, which is very often quite healthy food.”
JEDDAH: The 69th Annual Convention of the National Association for Gifted Children is being held in Indiana, US, between Nov. 17-20, with the participation of more than 2,000 people.
During the opening ceremony, an introductory film about Mawhiba was presented, in the presence of the participating delegation led by Mawhiba Deputy Secretary-General for Gifted Services Basil Al-Sadhan, convention guests from the educational community and decision-makers interested in talent and creativity, as well as parents, teachers and researchers.
Mawhiba will take part in the event with members of the foundation in a pavilion throughout the conference to highlight Saudi Arabia’s role in caring for and empowering talent and innovation, as well as promoting communication with the educational community. The members will take part in a dialogue session that seeks to find solutions that contribute to improving the educational environment for gifted children and youth.
Mawhiba will take part in the event with members of the foundation in a pavilion throughout the conference to highlight Saudi Arabia’s role in caring for and empowering talent and innovation, as well as promoting communication with the educational community.
The members of the delegation — including Noura Al-Dawsari, Rawan Al-Qahtani, Bakr Madini and Abdulaziz Al-Qahtani — will review their local and international achievements, the Mawhiba enrichment programs they attended and the impacts on their academic achievement as well as life decisions, along with their ambitions for the future, challenges facing education for the gifted and the available solutions.
In a statement, the foundation said: “Sponsoring the event reflects Mawhiba’s international dimension as a global leader with the most comprehensive approach in discovering and sponsoring gifted people around the world, as well as sharing its experience and expertise in discovering and sponsoring talented, and creative individuals in the scientific areas of development priority.”
The foundation added that through sponsoring and taking part in the event, it aims to build a system for talent and innovation locally, regionally and internationally. The system is based on its vision represented by empowering talent and innovation, which is the foundation of prosperity.
DHAHRAN: Under the patronage of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals President Mohammed Al-Saggaf, the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Finance and Digital Economy and the KFUPM Business School is hosting MENACIS 2022, the conference’s fifth edition.
Held from Nov. 16-19 under the theme “Socially Responsible Information Systems for Sustainable Societies,” the conference is providing a global platform for the presentation of innovative research in the field of information systems, aiming to promote a more sustainable future for all societies.
The conference welcomes scholars, practitioners and research students from various academic disciplines from up to 40 countries around the world. It discusses different topics that contribute to serving society, such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, fintech, digital transformation, information systems and more.
The conference program includes parallel sessions, keynote and author presentations, and social events with the effective participation of international scholars from the US, UK and France. It also includes an exhibition, workshops and other activities that aim to highlight the role of information systems in serving society.
The event comes within the framework of KFUPM’s strategic transformation and is aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to propel the Saudi economy toward transformation into a diversified knowledge economy.


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