(ANSAmed) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 16 – The turmoil of a fragile soul that intensely desires to live but has a hard time doing it, the colors and the shape of an extraordinary artistic talent, which exploded in just 10 years of activity, which was not understood in his time but would conquer the world in the centuries to come, are on display at an exhibit in Rome dedicated to Vincent van Gogh. Organized by Arthemisia, the show opens on October 8 at Palazzo Bonaparte in the Italian capital.
    Curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti and Francesca Villanti, the show presents to the public 50 masterpieces by the artist coming from the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, which will be exhibited in Rome until March 26, 2023.
    “There is a human component that arrives immediately, van Gogh was a pained creature full of desperation who suffered life but wanted to live it”, the show’s curator Maria Teresa Benedetti told ANSA, explaining the reason why van Gogh is probably the most-loved painter of all time, even by a public that doesn’t know art. “He had no love, no money, but he was full of a unique talent which he could express in just 10 years: people like his strong sensibility, even when it reveals its most obscure components”.
    The “path of the soul”, as described by the curator, is showcased in Rome through the different phases of the painter’s life (on the eve of the 170 years of his birth, which occurred in the Netherlands on March 30, 1853) in parallel with the evolution of his style. This includes not only the key episodes of his story (the attacks of insanity, the relationship with his brother Theo in the famous letters, until his suicide in Auvers) but also the phases of his painting, from the dark landscapes of youth to the sacred study of agricultural work, to the many self-portraits (like the Self-portrait of 1887, showcased at the exhibit) until the metaphysical chromatism of the end.


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