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Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are on the hunt for treasure.
The duo plays Nathan Drake and Victor “Sully” Sullivan, respectively, who take on booby traps and an art heist in their search for “the greatest treasure never found” in a new trailer for their upcoming action-adventure flick Uncharted, premiering Feb. 8 in theaters.
In the trailer, the film’s villain Moncada (Antonio Banderas) sheds some light on the elusive treasure. “Five hundred years ago, my family found the world’s biggest fortune, then was betrayed. People have been searching for it all in vain,” he says. “But the voyage wasn’t just about gold, it was something much more valuable.”
After an encounter with Moncada at a swanky event, Nathan faces off against some security guards, before channeling his inner web-slinger and swinging over the party from hanging lightbulbs, as he makes his escape. Meanwhile, Sully manages to get out with a priceless artifact to aid in their expedition.
The journey also includes at least one near-death experience, as Sully is almost killed by spikes shooting out of a wall, after telling Nathan and fellow treasure hunter Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) to turn their keys clockwise in a hidden passageway. "Well, it was 50/50, so I made a guess," he explains.
Trust appears to wear thin when Nate questions how Sully knew his long-lost brother, also a treasure hunter. "You have no idea who you're partnered with," Chloe tells him.
"What else aren't you telling me?" Nathan asks.
The movie also promises some death-defying stunts, including a fight sequence that takes place on two ancient pirate ships hanging in the air from moving helicopters.
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But there will also be plenty of laughs, as Holland, 25, and Wahlberg, 50, continue to throw some witty banter at each other.
"What is that thing on your face?" Nathan jokingly asks Sully about his mustache, to which he responds: "Puberty's right around the corner, kid. You can grow your own."
Uncharted premieres on Feb. 8 in theaters.
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