In celebration of Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, Yahoo commissioned Brenda Yedem Alamo, a community-based professional and artist, to re-imagine the Yahoo logo.
The proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, she uses design to highlight underrepresented communities.
“I don’t have any formal art training and instead my art has organically evolved over time from street art to acrylic and watercolor, and most recently digital,” Yedem Alamo says. “No matter the medium it’s important for me to highlight underrepresented communities in my art, especially the LGBTQ+ and Latinx communities. And knowing the value of having a creative outlet, I implement art into my work with youth at every opportunity.”
Brenda draws inspiration from elements found in folk art from countries such as Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. She looks to talented artisans who have been passing down these art forms for generations.
“As an example, the design in the ‘a’ is based on painted ox cart wheels from Costa Rica. I studied images of talavera pottery, basket weaving, textiles, etc. I also wanted to include musical instruments as seen in the ‘h’ as music is so central to many Latin American cultures.”
For Yedem Alamo, Latinx & Hispanic Heritage month is important to celebrate because of the rich diversity across Latinx cultures, as well as to highlight the contributions they make to this country. She hopes this logo makes the Latinx community feel proud of their culture.
“I hope the Latinx community feels proud when they see this, proud of their culture. And I hope it sparks curiosity for all who see it so that people feel inspired to learn more about the rich cultures our communities have to offer. “
You can find more of the artist’s work at
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LUCERNE, Switzerland, September 21, 2022–Schlumberger today announced the commercial release of the Schlumberger Enterprise Data Solution, which is powered by Microsoft Energy Data Services. Developed to deliver the most comprehensive capabilities for subsurface data—in alignment with the emerging requirements of the OSDU™ Technical Standard, a new open industry standard for energy data—the Enterprise Data Solution makes data accessible on an unprecedented scale for the global energy industry.
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Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is one of the leading causes of nephrotic syndrome across the world and is considered the most common glomerular cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD).1 Spherix has been tracking the evolution of the FSGS market since 2018 to keep a pulse on how nephrologists are treating patients and the perceived potential for products as they make their way through development.
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Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX), a global company focused on accelerating the commercial adoption of electric vehicles (EV), is pleased to announce the successful testing of WAVE's 500kW at the Port of Los Angeles. This first-of-its-kind high-power, ultra-fast wireless charging system fully charged a class 8 electric truck in less than 15 minutes, heralding a future where fleet operators could realize near continuous electric vehicle uptime.
NTR has announced that it has successfully completed the combined financing of two projects – Murley wind farm and Ockendon solar farm – in partnership with Rabobank.
HOUSTON, September 21, 2022–The STEMscopes Suite from Accelerate Learning was chosen as a winner in the Primary (K-6) Education category of Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence program, The Best Tools for Back to School.
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VIENNA, September 21, 2022–Alpega Group, a leading global provider of SaaS cloud-based transportation software, announced that Frans van Buuren has joined Alpega to lead a strategic build-out of talent across the organization.
BOSTON, September 21, 2022–EIP publishes translational results from preclinical to an exploratory, PH2a placebo-controlled clinical trial of neflamapimod in DLB in Nature Comms


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