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Cartoons have long caught the public’s attention, capturing social or political sentiments and highlighting pressing issues. The nature of these cartoons has changed over the years and decades, even the centuries, accommodating a widespread appetite for vitriolic humor and propaganda.

To commemorate the important role of political cartoons in American history and culture, Stacker went through the Library of Congress, newspapers, magazine archives, and art and photo libraries to find the most compelling political cartoons of the last 100 years.

Stacker presents an annotated gallery of 98 editorial cartoons from 1911 to 2021.
Cartoonists represented: Udo J. Keppler, Art Young, Raymond O. Evans, Luther Daniel Bradley,
Homer Stinson, Rollin Kirby, Burt Thomas, Hallahan, Charles H. Sykes, W. T. Enright,
Clifford K. Berryman, Charles R. Macauley, Wincie King, Vaughn Shoemaker, Leonard Raven-Hill,
John T. McCutcheon, Paolo Garreto, Ross A. Lewis, E. H. Shepard, Comstantin Alajalov,
Emery Kalen & Alies Derso, Philip Zec, Dr. Seuss, Bill Mauldin, Charlie Brooks, Roy Justus,
Art Wood, Fred Packer, Hy Rosen, Victor Weisz, Stanly A. Franklin, Edmund Valtman, Ed Holland,
Charles Werner, Gib Crockett, Jean-Claude Suares, Thomas Stockett, Jeff MacNelly, Herb Block,
Zunzi, Nicholas Garland, Barry Blitt, Bob Scheibel, G. B. Trudeau, Keven Kallaugher, Oleh Smal,
Mehdi Amini, Ward Sutton (as ‘Kelly’), Tom Toles, Carlos Latuff, Elizabeth Montague,
and a number of unidentified artists.

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
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