CASETiFY has teamed up with famed British artist David Shrigley to drop a unique collection of phone cases and accessories, each of which arrives in decorations inspired by Shrigley’s famously dry sense of humour.
Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2013, Shrigley, who’s work recent exhibitions have taken place at both the Hayward Gallery in London and Cornerhouse in Manchester, is best known for his famously dry wit, satirical quotes, and raw visual style, which are inspired by everyday situations and human interactions.
Having graduated from Glasgow University in the early ‘90s, the Macclesfield-born creative also photographs, makes sculptures and performs “public interventions” which he then photographs for display.
Honing in on the dysfunctional language of doodles, vandalism and graffiti, the collection includes a range of phone and tech accessories detailed with a combination of colourful artworks, punchy messages and the artist’s signature handwriting. What’s more, the capsule also features Shrigley’s satirical take on “Awful Music” with the special reflective vinyl-record phone case.
Get a closer look at the collab in the shots below and shop the full range now exclusively from
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